ToDo Web App

Working with PHP

As a side project I started a to-do web app. My intention was to learn PHP as well as working with MySQL.

I started out with absolutely no knowledge about PHP, only as much as I could know from similarities to other programming languages. It didn’t even start out as such an extensive project, first I only wanted to create a simple web app with one list and the possibilities to add items, but then I started having fun with the project, so I took it further.

I added stuff like being able to create Folders and add multiple lists inside those folders. Exceedingly of a to-do app I also created a login as well as registering form by my self, which means I coded everything from encrypting to username validation my self. I did not use any kind of PHP Framework or anything alike.

The web app is now live on this link.

If you want and are experienced, you may try to use any type of hacking to crack my to-do web app 😉.